Whites Believe in More Than Two Genders

“A new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen found 62% of Black U.S. voters said there are only two genders, biological male and females, while 49% of whites and 51% of Hispanics said the same. Thirty percent of black voters said there were ‘other gender identities,’ compared to 44% of whites and 39% of Hispanics. Among U.S. voters overall, and of all races, just 51% believe there are only two genders while 41% believe there are other gender identities. ‘This is a pretty significant measure of a massive cultural shift,’ Rasmussen said. ‘As on many other questions, there is a significant gap between voters under 45 and their elders. A majority of older voters believe there are just two genders. Younger voters are evenly divided.’”

“Black voters far more likely than white,” Just the News, June 25, 2020