February 2021

Leftist Bias Has Broken Wikipedia Platform

We have long observed the consistently liberal slant of Wikipedia. Anything pertaining to the Bible is biased toward unbelief. The following statement focuses on Wikipedia’s political bias: “Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger is criticizing the site’s left-wing bias, saying the popular online encyclopedia has become an irretrievably broken platform for socialism. ‘The days of Wikipedia’s robust commitment to neutrality are […]

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Welcome Back Parler

“Parler, the upstart social media platform silenced last month by big-tech censorship, said Monday it is resuming operations under new leadership and with new computer servers. Parler moved to a new computer server farm after Amazon Web Services shut off the social media platform on Jan. 11. Parler’s 20 million users can begin using their old app

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Big Tech Censorship of Conservative Speech

Big Tech censorship of conservative speech continues. In January, YouTube, a Google subsidiary, banned The Epoch Times from earning money off its videos. Stephen Gregory, publisher of The Epoch Times, said, “This is the latest example of big tech suppression of free speech, a step on the road to communist-style censorship” (FreeRepublic.com, Jan. 26, 2021). “Larry Elder,

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Homosexual “Christian” is #1 on iTunes

The album “Preacher’s Kid” by Grace Baldridge (aka Semler), an “openly queer Christian artist,” was No. 1 on Apple’s iTunes’ Christian chart recently and currently is No. 6. The album features “explicit lyrics” and taunts about anti-homosexual “judgmentalism.” The opening track, “Bethlehem,” says, “I’m a child of God, just in case you forgot, and you

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Critical Race Theory

“Invented by Derrick Bell and other attorneys as a spin-off of Critical Legal Theory in American law schools in the 1980s, these theorists were disenchanted with the results of the Civil Rights Movement. Bell, Richard Delgado, and other CRT thinkers viewed classical liberal ideas such as meritocracy (people being rewarded based on their individual merits),

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