January 2021

Churches Fined $10,000

“Calvary Church and Legacy Church, both based in Albuquerque, have been fined for violating restrictions on in-person worship services and mask mandates implemented by the New Mexico Department of Health to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The restrictions, effective Dec. 15, require churches located in ‘red-level’ counties to cap attendance at 25% of capacity.

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The Tropical Arctic

“Both archaeology and the Bible suggest that the world was once quite different from the world we know today. Each agrees that the Earth’s climate was once much more uniform than it is today. At one time, the tropics may have extended into what are today polar regions. However, the Bible and evolutionary geology don’t

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1,800,000 Covid Deaths – 42,600,000 Abortions

In 2020, there were a reported 1.8 million deaths associated with Covid-19. This was the big, never-ending news, but in the meantime there were 11 million deaths from communicable diseases other than tuberculosis, 8.2 million deaths from cancer, 5.1 million deaths from smoking, 2.5 million from alcohol, 1.8 million deaths from tuberculosis, 1.4 million deaths

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Court Strikes Down “Conversion Therapy” Ban

“Last week, a panel on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals effectively struck down two Florida bans on sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) that sought to ban counselors from putting minors through ‘conversion therapy.’ The court ruled that the laws violated the First Amendment by restricting free speech. While LGBT activists have rightly condemned the historic

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