May 2022

CRT, SBC, and a Marxist “Solution”

A new book Critical Race Theory, Southern Baptist Convention, and a Marxist “Solution” That Will Not Work is available from Lighthouse Trails. Following is an excerpt: “In an article titled ‘You Can Be a Christian, You Can Be a Marxist, But You Can’t Be Both,’ Christian journalist Joshua Lawson explains: ‘Whereas traditional garden-variety Marxism views history as

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Female “Minister” Leads Worship at SBC

The Southern Baptist Executive Committee tweeted on May 10 that Abbie Maggio will be leading worship at the Southern Baptist Convention 2022. Maggio is “Worship Arts Minister” at Redemption Church, Saraland, Alabama. At Redemption Church, the male ministry leaders are called “pastors” while the females are called “ministers,” perhaps to avoid the Southern Baptist Convention’s

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Suicide of the Liberals

“Between 1900 and 1917, waves of unprecedented terror struck Russia. Several parties professing incompatible ideologies competed (and cooperated) in causing havoc. Between 1905 and 1907, nearly 4,500 government officials and about as many private individuals were killed or injured. Between 1908 and 1910, authorities recorded 19,957 terrorist acts and revolutionary robberies, doubtless omitting many from

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