Rioters Target Portland Restaurant

Rioters trash Portland restaurant after antifa ‘reviewers’ target it.

“On the day Yelp introduced a new ‘racist behavior’ wokeness rating, antifa and Black Lives Matter activists in Portland were seen on Twitter soliciting names of ‘non-friendly’ businesses that support police, singling them out as targets. By Sunday’s pre-planned ‘Day of Rage,’ rioters had trashed one of the explicit targets, a black-owned downtown Portland cafe. Portland antifa watcher Andy Ngo showed screenshots of the tweets calling for retribution against the Heroes American Cafe, owned by John Jackson. One antifa-associated Twitter account responded, ‘Heroe’s American Cafe on S Park blocks gives profits to their heroes ….. cops.’ Ngo noted that not only did antifa and BLM militants bash the windows of the cafe, but shot it up. ‘Antifa rioters shot inside the Heroes American Cafe in downtown Portland last night during their mass rampage. Antifa has taken issue with the business for putting photos of first responders on its walls & added the cafe to its list of places to target.’ Fox News reports that Jackson, a veteran of both the Army and Marines, won’t be intimidated. Jackson will have the last word. Not only are people of good will planning to eat at his restaurant as never before, but he told Fox News that the attack ‘solidified my Trump vote. I’m done with this weakness and we need some real strong leadership.’ Day of Ragers also targeted the Oregon Historical Society, bashing windows and ripping out several historical items, leaving them trashed on the street.”

“Rioters Trash Portland Restaurant,” PJ Media, Oct. 14, 2020