October 2021

America’s Path to End Slavery

“When critics attack the nation’s founders as irredeemably racist, they ignore the Constitution’s anti-slavery time bomb. While disparaging that document’s accommodations to slavery, detractors also forget the hammer-blow against the evil institution delivered just weeks before the fateful gathering in Philadelphia to establish a new government. Rather than treating slavery as an essential, enduring element of […]

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Electric Bus Fiasco

“Possibly the dumbest thing any country could do from an energy standpoint is to promote widespread use of electric vehicles, while simultaneously mandating reliance on wind and solar energy, which work less than half the time. Moreover, governments’ politically-motivated reliance on electric vehicles like buses has been a disaster. This is a typical ‘green’ fiasco:

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Ken Ham Debunks Noah’s Ark Discovery

“You may have seen exciting headlines like this one: ‘3D scans show boat-like formation matching biblical description of Noah’s Ark, archaeologists say.’ According to reports, researchers using ground-penetrating radar have discovered a boat-shaped formation matching the dimensions of the biblical ark, including ‘parallel lines and right angles,’ on Mount Tendürek in Eastern Turkey. Well, this

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