August 2021

Court Overturns Criminalizing Pronoun Misuse

“A California law that criminalized ‘misgendering’ and the misuse of pronouns is unconstitutional under the First Amendment, according to a new decision by the state appeals court. At issue is a 2017 multi-faceted California law that placed new restrictions on long-term care facilities and was geared toward protecting LGBT residents. It was dubbed the ‘Lesbian,

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The Jellyfish with the Broad Reach

“Unlike most jellyfish, velella does not merely drift with the wind. Velella has a triangular sail. However, unlike some jellyfish with sails, velella’s sail doesn’t simply catch the wind and move velella along with it. Velella’s triangular sail has an S-shaped base so that it can stand up to winds from any direction. The sail is set on top of velella’s body at an

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First Church of Facebook

“The Church of Facebook is set to capture the human soul in silicon. On July 25, the New York Times reported that since 2017 the social media giant has quietly cultivated exclusive partnerships with select religious communities. As always, money is involved. While Facebook’s ultimate goals remain sealed behind non-disclosure agreements, the Times article does hint at things to

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