May 2021

Christian Rocker Says He is “Exvangelical”

Kevin Max, formerly of the popular Christian rock band DC Talk, illustrates the spiritual and doctrinal danger of the “broader church” to which contemporary Christian music is the bridge. He calls himself an “exvangelical.” The Liberty University graduate tweeted on May 15, “I’ve been deconstructing/Reconstructing/progressing/whatever you wish to call it for decades, I’ve been in […]

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China’s Religious Persecution and Oppression

“The State Department on Wednesday declared that the Chinese government continues to engage in genocide and crimes against humanity through the repression of predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other minorities in western China. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made the assertion while introducing the department’s annual assessment of global religious freedom. ‘China broadly criminalizes religious expression

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Blinken Emphasizes Importance of Religious Freedom

“International Religious Freedom took center stage at the State Department Wednesday as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken released his department’s 2020 report on the matter.  Blinken addressed reporters in the department’s press briefing room. ‘Religious freedom goes to the heart of what it means to be human–to think freely, to follow our conscience, to change

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More About Hymnals

Following are some suggestions in regard to hymnals: LIVING HYMNS was first published by Al Smith in 1972; the latest edition is published by Paul Chappell’s Striving Together Ministries. It has 887 songs and hymns. There is no author index, but I tried to look at the author of every song. There are two by the

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Pestilence is mentioned 49 times in Scripture, always in the context of God’s judgment. The first mention pertains to the judgment of Egypt (Ex. 5:3; 9:15). It is a general term for deadly plagues on man and beast (Ps. 78:50; Jer. 21:6) and crops (2 Ch. 6:28). Pestilence is often used to describe one of

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China’s Leader Adopts Mao’s Title “Helmsman”

“Chinese President and Communist Party General-Secretary Xi Jinping continues to consolidate power and has reached new status, adopting the title ‘helmsman,’ a descriptor not used since Mao Zedong and denoting ultimate authority, according to U.S. intelligence officials. Army Lt. Gen. Scott D. Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said Mr. Xi’s increased power will

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