“Unconscious Bias” at Liberty University

“Unconscious bias,” also called “implicit bias,” is a principle of humanistic psychology that is used widely in education and the workplace and government to break down barriers that might exist to politically correct social issues such as same sex marriage and transsexuality. It is used in “diversity awareness” programs, and racial sensitivity training. In the U.K., it is required for all civil service employees, including magistrates and police. It is used by Google, Facebook, and a great many other major corporations. To refuse the training is to endanger one’s job and marks one as a potential racist or homophobe, etc. Unconscious biases are “underlying attitudes and stereotypes that people unconsciously attribute to another person or group of people that affect how they understand and engage with a person or group.” Examples are gender bias and race bias. Unconscious bias is foundational to the idea that America is “systemically racist.” A Courageous Conversation program in Montgomery County, Maryland, schools teaches that America is systemically racist and defines “racism” as “any act that even unwittingly tolerates, accepts or reinforces racially unequal opportunities” (@jackmurphylive, Sep. 8, 2020). So this “racism” or “sexism,” etc., allegedly exists at an “unconscious” or “unwitting” level even though there is no objective evidence of it. On the “racist” side, the claim is that all white people are unconsciously biased against “people of color” even if they have no consciousness of racial bias. Thus, the “unconscious bias” experts claim to have the power to analyze attitudes that are so secret that they are unknown to the individual himself! It would be ridiculous if it were not treated so seriously. It is brainwashing. It is mind control. It is social engineering. A report in The Spectator entitled “The dangers of unconscious bias training,” Aug. 15, 2020, concluded, “We should be very worried about a corporate culture which encourages employers to tinker with their employees’ psyches in whatever manner they see fit, particularly when driven by pseudoscience they barely understand.” Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell and led until recently by his son, Jerry Jr., promoted unconscious bias at a program for staff and faculty in March 10 led by Dr. Nanette Lacuesta and at a workshop entitled “Unconscious Bias: A Current Conversion” on September 4.

(Friday Church News Notes, September 18, 2020, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143)