BLM Celebrates Shooting of Deputies

LA sheriff’s deputies guard the hospital where two deputies fight for their lives after being ambushed and shot.

“Late Saturday night, news broke that an unidentified gunman ambushed and shot two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies while they sat in their patrol vehicle. The deputies were taken to a nearby hospital. Late Saturday night they were reportedly ‘fighting for their lives,’ each having been shot multiple times in the head and elsewhere. Overnight, things took an even darker turn. Black Lives Matter protesters made it clear that to them the deputies’ lives do not matter, nor do the lives of anyone in the hospital where the deputies are being cared for. They aligned with the cowardly gunman, celebrating the shooting. The BLM protesters gathered at the hospital and chanted ‘We hope they die!’ They also blocked entrances to the hospital emergency room, according to the LA County Sheriffs’ social media. As they blocked the hospital emergency room, the protesters screamed profanities at law enforcement officers and told them they would be killed one by one.” Update: LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said on Sept. 14 that the fact that the deputies survived is a “miracle.” One is a 31-year-old mother of a little boy. She was able to get out of the vehicle and apply a tourniquet to the other deputy, which possibly saved his life.

“BLM Protesters Celebrate Shooting of Two LA County Deputies,” PJ Media, Sept. 13, 2020