The Tropical Arctic

“Both archaeology and the Bible suggest that the world was once quite different from the world we know today. Each agrees that the Earth’s climate was once much more uniform than it is today.

At one time, the tropics may have extended into what are today polar regions. However, the Bible and evolutionary geology don’t agree on how long ago that was. Bible-believing geologists, on the other hand, are reporting evidence to support the Bible’s story of history.

In the last few years, scientists have been surprised to discover dinosaur fossils in Alaska. Dinosaurs need warm temperatures–warmer than Alaska was thought to have been. In 1986, on Canada’s Axel Heiberg Island, only 600 miles from the North Pole, scientists found a huge, dense forest. Some of the trees were well over 125 feet tall. They have been snapped off at the stump and are neither fossilized nor petrified, but remain as fresh wood. Even some of the leaves are still intact. The area was filled with spruce, hickory, dawn redwood and cypress trees and was evidently a swamp, since tropical turtle and alligator remains have also been found. Tree rings show that the area was warmer in the recent past, while the size of the rings tell us that there were short, hot summers during which rapid growth occurred, followed by long, dark winters as there are today.

The most interesting conclusion reached by the scientific team is that the entire region must have been subjected to a huge flood! This discovery tells us that all of geology must be restructured to present a history that agrees with the Bible’s story of the Earth’s past. Author: Paul A. Bartz; Ref: ‘Search for a Tropical Arctic’ (Television documentary), 1990, Federal Department of Energy, Mines and Resources (Canada).”, December 25, 2020