Launching Bible Balloons into North Korea

Local police and other officials prevent Voice of the Martyrs Korea, a North Korea-focused NGO, from conducting a launch of rice bottles filled with aid and Bibles toward North Korea, in Incheon, South Korea

“South Korean police began cracking down on balloon launches by Voice of the Martyrs Korea this summer following threats from North Korea. ‘Essentially, the police recommending the charges guarantees that I’ll be charged; it’s just a question of when. Could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be next month; we don’t know,’ Eric Foley of VOM Korea says. Confusion surrounds the prosecutor’s charges and possible outcomes. ‘Our case asks, Should launching Bible balloons, which has been legal up until this point in time, be considered illegal not just going forward, but related to past launches?’ Foley clarifies. ‘For 15 years, we’ve had a good relationship with the authorities. God is finding ways to get Bibles into North Korea. We’re amazed at the avenues He’s opening. Please pray that continues. Pray that God is glorified.’”

“Christian leader awaits charges,” Mission Network News, Nov. 23, 2020