Systemic Racism in Democratic Party

“During an interview on the ‘John Solomon Reports’ podcast, Kevin McGary, the chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, questioned the claim that systemic racism prevails among police when so many minorities populate law enforcement’s ranks. Instead, he said that the description of systemic racism could be applied to the Democratic Party, which he said ‘started slavery and segregation and to this very day they actually encourage the black genocide of black babies.’ He also said that ‘all of their upper echelon, meaning in the House and the Senate, are white, and has been for decades, many decades, probably forever.’ Discussing the late founder of Planned Parenthood, McGary said that Margaret Sanger’s ‘racial hatred towards blacks is unparalleled’ and he said that ‘her organization specifically targets to this very day black babies’ through its abortion programs. Regarding the key question that will characterize this year’s election, he remarked, ‘The question is: Do you want the ideal of America, the free, the righteous, the just-type America or do you want a new sort of reimagined America that embraces something that is anathema to our Constitution, that would be Marxism.’”

“Frederick Douglass Foundation Chairman,” Just the News, July 7, 2020