Change Name of Racist Democratic Party

Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones

“‘If racist relics of the past must come down, shouldn’t we start with the Democrat Party?’ Democrat Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones asks, introducing his video recalling his party’s dubious past regarding issues of racial equality. ‘If the Democrats are looking to eradicate everything with a racist history, when will my party confront and apologize for its own?’ Rep. Jones wrote Friday in a Twitter post of his video, in which he denounces the hypocrisy of Democrats supporting the unlawful destruction of statues and monuments while refusing to erase their own ties to slavery, segregation and Democrat Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. ‘What I see happening from the Democrats and the Left: banding together, going throughout this country unlawfully tearing down statues and removing monuments and changing the name of streets and buildings because they feel it’s associated with racism and bigotry and the Confederacy. But, here’s what they’re not touching and not banning at all or changing the name: the Democratic Party.’ ‘Join me and others. Let’s challenge the Democrat Party, to have at their national convention, the number one platform issue that they will disband and change the Democratic Party.’”

“Dem. Ga. State Rep: Disband and Change Name of Democratic Party,” CNSNews, July 6, 2020