Spiritual Safety in the Facebook Age

“Thank you, brother Cloud, for this amazing e-book ‘Spiritual Safety in the Facebook Age’ that I purchased this summer but only got around to explore it now. It’s so practical and the No.1 e-book for all believers that spend time online; it’s not only for youngsters, adults would benefit just as much, if not even more, from this book, because many adults are also extremely addicted to twitter/instagram. Having experienced twitter for almost a year, I’m more than ready to eliminate it completely. It has only brought negative influence that corrupted my behavior. Twitter has the vilest speech possible online with people harassing others. A perfect platform for people in anon mode to verbally assault others, but it also contains extreme filth in terms of sexual photos and gore. Too many times I was caught by surprise when people posted disturbing images and clips without warning about its content. It was traumatic to see those. Another thing that I’m thankful for is your very direct warning to women, ‘do not talk with promiscuous men.’ This short advice has saved me so much trouble/disappointment. This advice is so powerful because women are easily influenced and manipulated by sweet talk. There’s safety in separating and limiting conversation/interactions with random men. Have a wonderful day and I hope for your ministry to continue.”

(Friday Church News Notes, October 22, 2021, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143)