Ken Ham Debunks Noah’s Ark Discovery

Ken Ham

“You may have seen exciting headlines like this one: ‘3D scans show boat-like formation matching biblical description of Noah’s Ark, archaeologists say.’ According to reports, researchers using ground-penetrating radar have discovered a boat-shaped formation matching the dimensions of the biblical ark, including ‘parallel lines and right angles,’ on Mount Tendürek in Eastern Turkey. Well, this isn’t a new find–this is the Durupinar site we’ve written about many times before. It was first postulated as an Ark site back in 1959 and has been disputed (and refuted) ever since, including by Christians and creationists who believe God’s Word. Geologist, and director of our research department, Dr. Andrew Snelling, explains: ‘We do not expect the Ark to have survived and been available to find after 4,350 years. With no mature trees available for Noah and his family to build shelters after they got off the Ark, there is every reason to expect they dismantled the Ark (which they didn’t need anymore) to salvage timber from it. Besides, this claimed Ark site is in a valley and not on a mountain as described by the Genesis account. We don’t need to find the Ark to accept it as a historical reality. We already have the infallible testimony of the ever-present, all-knowing Creator in His Word. And even if the Ark were found, scoffers would still reject the evidence.’ So, has Noah’s ark been found? We would say no. As Dr. Snelling said, skeptics ‘would just explain away the evidence, as they do the mountains of evidence for a global flood. The unbelieving heart doesn’t want to believe, ‘though one rose from the dead’ (Luke 16:31).”

“Boat-like Formation … Discovered?” Answers in Genesis, Oct. 7, 2021