Sentenced to Prison for Anti-LGBT Comments

“A Greek football legend has been sentenced to time in prison after he criticized a gender identity law on social media. Retired midfielder Vasilis Tsiartas has been sentenced by an Athens court to ten months in prison and a 5,000 euro fine after he was charged with hate speech following comments, he made in 2017. Tsiartas wrote on his Facebook page that he hoped ‘the first sex changes are carried out on the children of those who ratified this abomination,’ according to news outlet The Greek Times. ‘Legitimize pedophiles, too, to complete the crimes,’ he continued. Tsiartas later added, ‘God created Adam and Eve.’ The law being criticized by Tsiartas removed the medical requirement from the process of changing legal gender and dropped the minimum age to 15. Following Tsiartas’ comments, prominent Greek trans activist Marina Galanos filed a lawsuit against him. The 49-year-old has become the first person to be convicted after Greece introduced an anti-racist law for public incitement of violence or hatred on the basis of gender identity. The Transgender Support Association (SYD) described Tsiartas’ conviction as ‘particularly important for the transgender community.’ Reacting to the news on Twitter, Tsiartas said he will be appealing the decision.”

“God created Adam and Eve,” Premier Christian News, Nov. 14, 2022