Mental Health Care: Antidepressants and Euthanasia

“Back in May, a Belgian woman named Shanti De Corte was killed by euthanasia. Six years ago, when only a teenager, De Corte had survived the horrific terrorist attack on Brussels. Thirty-two people were killed in the attack, which was perpetrated by Islamic State terrorists. Many students were among the victims, classmates of De Corte. Though she narrowly escaped being killed, De Corte struggled to cope with the trauma of the event. She was prescribed heavy medication for depression which only got worse over time. ‘I get several drugs at breakfast and up to 11 antidepressants a day,’ she wrote. ‘With all the drugs I take, I feel like a ghost who doesn’t feel anything anymore. Perhaps there were solutions other than the drugs.’ In April of 2022, De Corte submitted a request to be euthanized due to her ‘medically futile’ condition of mental suffering. Two psychologists approved the request, and a month later, at age 23, she was given a cocktail of lethal drugs. Shanti De Corte is the 33rd victim of her nation’s deadliest terror attack. Only, she was not killed by terrorists, but by her own government. Though advocates often ridicule the opposition as only appealing to ‘slippery slope’ arguments, the slope of doctor-assisted death isn’t just slippery, it’s steep, greased, and leads to the moral abyss.  Executing the victim instead of the attackers was not only legal, but logical in this world turned upside down.” (For more on antidepressants, see “No Happy Pill: A Study of Antidepressant Drugs”)

“A Belgian Euthanasia Case,” Breakpoint, Nov. 17, 2022