Rupert Murdoch Warns of Cancel Culture

Rupert Murdoch (Pool / Getty Images)

“Longtime head of News Corp. and the Fox Corporation Rupert Murdoch says media organizations are facing widespread ‘censorship’ that in turn is preventing ‘individuals and societies from realizing their potential.’ Murdoch’s frank sentiments came during a pre-taped acceptance speech he gave in response to a lifetime achievement award from the Australia Day Foundation. Murdoch’s media empire reaches tens of millions of Australians each day. He said, ‘For those of us in media, there’s a real challenge to confront: a wave of censorship that seeks to silence conversation, to stifle debate, to ultimately stop individuals and societies from realizing their potential. This rigidly enforced conformity, aided and abetted by so-called social media, is a straitjacket on sensibility. Too many people have fought too hard in too many places for freedom of speech to be suppressed by this awful woke orthodoxy.’”

“Rupert Murdoch calls out the ‘awful woke orthodoxy,’” Just the News, Jan. 26, 2021