Parents Win in “Transphobic” Case

“Two Christian parents in the United Kingdom have prompted the government to revise its gender-related guidance for children after they took legal action when a school labeled their 6-year-old son as potentially ‘transphobic.’ Nigel and Sally Rowe explained to Fox News Digital how they first raised concerns with their son’s Isle of Wight primary school after he came home ‘confused’ by the school’s transgender-affirming policies toward his male classmates who identified as girls. Nigel said of his case, ‘To cut a long story short, in the school, when our boys were six years of age, in the classroom one of their friends decided to transition from being a boy to a girl. It was just announced to the kids. And therefore, when we heard, we objected to that.’ The Rowes, who have since taken to homeschooling their children, met with their son’s teachers at the time about the issue and sent a letter to the school laying out their concerns about its gender policies. They reportedly were met with a ‘cold’ response. Instead of listening to their concerns, they said the school sent them a letter that accused both them and their young son of potential ‘transphobic behavior.’ After seeking legal counsel regarding whether the school’s behavior was legal, the London-based Christian Legal Centre (CLC) told them it was not. The government agreed to settle the case last week after the Rowes won permission for a full judicial review hearing before the High Court in February. They intended to present international expert evidence exposing how transgender-affirming policies have led to ‘catastrophic outcomes’ for children struggling with gender dysphoria. They were awarded £22,000 in legal costs, which they are donating to CLC, and the government also committed to reform. Given their son’s primary school was affiliated with the Church of England, they said they also went to the leaders of their local diocese about their ordeal. ‘They weren’t supportive at all,’ Sally remembered. Nigel said the Church of England representatives were against them then and remain opposed. ‘They still don’t support us,’ he said. ‘It’s a bizarre world we live in.’”

“Christian Parents Win,” Fox News, Sept. 28, 2022

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