Freedom of Speech: U.K. vs U.S.A.

“It is easy for Americans to forget how rare, and how precious; our guarantee of free speech is. Even the United Kingdom, the country from which we inherited most of our historic freedoms, does not recognize anything like our First Amendment. This fact was brought home by the recent declaration of a ‘safe zone’ in Bournemouth, England. Rod Dreher has the story. It has to do with the sacrament of abortion, the last ideal, it seems, to which many liberals subscribe. What is with the word ‘safe’? A lot of people are not safe in today’s world, with murders, aggravated assaults, carjackings and the like spiraling out of control. But that isn’t what liberals have in mind when they say people are ‘safe.’ They mean that any expression of opinions different from theirs has been suppressed. Under the First Amendment and existing U.S. law, a ban on protesting, ‘engaging in an act of disapproval,’ offering ‘prayer or counseling,’ ‘displaying text or images’ on one side of a controversy, and praying, reciting scripture, or crossing oneself in a defined geographic area, would be unconstitutional. Does that mean it can’t happen here? No. The Constitution cannot eternally guarantee the right of free speech if that right is not supported, generally, by our populace. And major segments of our society, including those who now control the Democratic Party, are bitterly hostile to free speech. They subscribe to the idea that it is ‘unsafe’ to ‘allow’ speech with which one (a liberal, not a conservative) disagrees. And they view the First Amendment’s free speech guarantee as minor and subservient to more important ‘rights,’ like the right to an abortion free of any exposure to disapproval.”

John Hinderaker,, Oct. 19, 2022

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