Comedy Writer Banned – “Men aren’t Women”

Graham Linehan

“TV sitcom writer Graham Linehan has been permanently banned from Twitter after he tweeted ‘men aren’t women tho’ in response to a Women’s Institute post that wished a happy Pride Month to men who think they are women. Twitter said Linehan, who has hundreds of thousands of followers and wrote and created Father Ted and The IT Crowd ‘has been permanently suspended after repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation.’ This is not the first time Linehan has run afoul of Twitter, as he’s posted extensively about Trans issues in the past, with a particular focus on discussing children who transition and the parents that enable them. In 2018, during an interview with Resistance Radio, Linehan stated that the medical transition of children is functionally no different than Nazi experiments on children, saying: ‘If you were around the time of something terrible happening like Nazism, would you be one of the people who said, This is wrong, despite being opposed?’ Twitter has a long history of banning people who state scientific facts on sex and gender, with the social media giant recently taking a more aggressive approach to enforcing their nonsensical policies. Linehan is the most recent casualty, but he won’t be the last.”

“Comedy Writer Banned,” Pulpit and Pen, June 28, 2020