Parler – Alternative to Twitter

“The aggressive crackdown on content by social media giants Twitter and Facebook have motivated droves of President Trump’s supporters to find an alternative. About 100,000 people joined Parler on Tuesday alone, said Parler CEO John Matze, bringing its total daily active users toward 1.5 million on Thursday. The surge in interest is an accomplishment, but it falls short of the hordes gathering on Twitter and Facebook. By comparison, Twitter reported having 166 million daily active users in the first quarter of 2020. Facebook boasted 1.73 billion daily active users during the same time frame. Mr. Matze called Twitter and Facebook ‘techno-fascists’ and vowed to dethrone them. The Parler platform is not strictly for conservatives and castaways from other platforms but for people who believe in the principles of free speech and data privacy, the company says. Mr. Matze describes the platform as ideological and not political.”

“Parler surges,” Washington Times, June 25, 2020