Bill to Remove Children from Parents

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill into law [SB 107] which Newsom and supporters say would make California a so-called ‘refuge’ for children whose states restrict transgender treatments or whose parents oppose such treatments. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) presented four possible scenarios in which the new law could harm families. First, ‘an unfit parent about to lose custody could travel to California with the child, give the child puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, and in doing so win custody under SB 107, even if the home-state court has already entered.’ Second, ‘parents whose child visits a relative in California could lose custody of their child forever if the relative persuades the child to identify as a different gender during the visit.’ Third, ‘a state court actively involved in a custody determination could be deprived of jurisdiction by a California court if the case involved gender identity and the child travels to California, even if all of the evidence and parties involved in the case are located in the home state.’ Fourth, ‘parents of children who never travel to California could be denied medical information about their child if the child obtains puberty blockers from a doctor in California via telemedicine.’”

Christian Headlines, Oct, 3, 2022

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