Will Political Conservativism Save America?

DeSantis and other Old America leaders are an answer to prayer. What has happened in Florida is too amazing not to be the handiwork of God. Florida is my home state. I know it well. It is a magnificent state, with 1,350 miles of coastline and 30,000 lakes and the most consistently spectacular sunsets I have seen anywhere. I grew up fishing and skiing in those lakes. Today, Florida is one of 24 states that is a Republican triplex, meaning Republicans control the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature. But until the late 1990s, Florida was a Democrat stronghold. Even in 2018, DeSantis won against his Democrat opponent by a razor thin margin (49.6% to 49.2%). This reminds us of how quickly these things can change. We have no faith in politics or in the steadfastness of the American people to pursue right. They are fickle and easily swayed by well-conceived deception. We must understand the fundamentals. The root problem in America is not Woke universities, it is Sleeping churches. We know that even with signs of encouragement such as DeSantis and other conservatives in power, wickedness and ungodly philosophies continue to leaven the nation day after day, everywhere, even in Florida. Overall, Old America is not winning. Trump’s idea to make America great again, is the misguided thinking of an unregenerate man. The New America would have to be pushed back into a closet as in former times for America to truly be great again. God could do that, of course, but there is no sign of it. At the same time, God is very merciful and is definitely helping His people and answering prayer. Americans still have great freedom, though totalitarianism is pressing in. Let’s use every bit of freedom for Christ’s glory! I am heartily thankful for every “conservative” who is fighting for the Old America on the political level, and I cheer them on. That is not my fight, though. God has given His people something far more important to fight for, which is Christ’s Great Commission and the New Testament church. I will continue to pound that key fiercely!

(Friday Church News Notes, January 13, 2023, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143)