Who Ya Gonna Call?

“The city of Minneapolis is deep into the cultural revolution driving the Democratic Party ever further to the left. The city is run entirely by Democrats. Mayor Jacob Frey is a Democrat, as are 11 of 12 current members of the city council. The twelfth — Cam Gordon, Ward 2 — is a member of the Green Party. That’s diversity, Minneapolis style. The city council has taken up the charge to abolish/defund the police. The Minneapolis city charter actually requires the council to fund a police department at something approaching its current size. The council has thus undertaken the process necessary to amend the charter. Last week the council voted unanimously to advance a proposal that would substitute a new Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention for the police department. The AP story conveys a more accurate sense of the ordinance than the Star Tribune story, although the Star Tribune story better conveys the madhouse that Minneapolis has become. The Star Tribune also reports, by the way, ‘Gun violence soars amid crises of health, public trust, officer reluctance.’ Funny how that works. Reality bites. The state senate, under the control of a narrow Republican majority, is the sole remaining obstacle standing in the way of this crowd. One would think that the self-interest of voters would assert itself if the proposed charter amendment were put to a vote. I can’t see it passing. When your life and property are at risk, who ya gonna call? The proposed amendment has to jump through a few more hoops to make it onto the ballot in November.”

Scott Johnson, “Who Ya Gonna Call?” PowerLineBlog, June 29, 2020