Two Americas, Two World-Views

There are two Americas today. There is, for one, the conservative, traditional America, the America of the Founding Fathers, the America deeply influenced by the Bible. American conservatives, regardless of whether or not they are born again or even professing Christians, have a worldview that is to various degrees shaped by the Bible, which is the worldview of the nation’s founding: the existence of a Creator God, respect for the Bible and “Christianity,” private ownership of property (“thou shalt not steal … though shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house … nor anything that is thy neighbour’s”), the sanctity of life (“thou shalt not kill”), the right to defense of life and property (Exodus 22:2-3), respect for authority and the rule of law and order (Romans 13:1-7), equality of justice (Deuteronomy 1:17), the sanctity of the “nuclear family” (Matthew 19:4-6), nationalism as opposed to globalism (protection of national borders, strong national defense), freedom of religion, freedom for churches to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). This is the America of conservative evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity, conservative politics, conservative media, home schoolers, Blue Lives Matter. It is the America of the majority of the Republican Party. Then there is the leftist America influenced by godless and anti-Christian philosophies such as Humanism, social Darwinism, economic and cultural Marxism, critical theories, radical feminism, global socialism, intersectionality, queer rights, liberation theology, the Green movement, Islam. This is the America that is propagandized through the public education system, from elementary school to the university, and through many training programs in the federal government. It is the America of the “mainstream media” such as CNN and the New York Times and the bulk of the entertainment industry. It is supported by big technology (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple) and by many of the nation’s largest corporations. It is the America of Black Lives Matter and Antifa and “systemic racism” and defund the police and wokeness and the cancel culture and deplatforming. It is the America of the “progressive” element of the Democratic Party, which is rapidly taking over the party. The two Americas are currently fairly equal in size and influence, which is evident in the makeup of the U.S. Congress and the razor thin margins of the presidential elections. Humanly speaking, the tide is on the side of leftist America because of its domination of the public school system and higher education, among other things. At the same time, those vast numbers of Americans who love the traditional America have many resources, not the least of which is prayer. America is still the world’s greatest bastion of biblical Christianity. If even a minority of biblical Christians would wake up from the slumber of a party lifestyle and live the pilgrim lifestyle that God’s Word commands and engage in spiritual warfare, there is no telling what God would do even in these dark times.

(Friday Church News Notes, January 7, 2022,,, 866-295-4143)