Trump Advisor Launches New Social Media

“Former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller is launching a new social media platform on July 4 to declare ‘independence’ from Big Tech, billing it as a ‘cancel-free zone’ focused on free speech, with ‘superior technology’ that he says will ‘be the envy’ of Silicon Valley. The platform is called ‘GETTR,’ which Miller, the CEO of the company, told Fox News evolved from the idea of ‘getting together.’ ‘We think it will ultimately be a global platform–not just conservatives in the U.S.’ He added: ‘We want people from all political stripes to join the platform.’ ‘This ties in with Independence Day,’ Miller said. ‘Independent from social media monopolies, independent from cancel culture; embracing free speech–our launch on Sunday is very much intentional.’ ‘We believe there needs to be a new social media platform that really defends free speech, and one that doesn’t de-platform for political beliefs,’ he continued. ‘This is a challenge to social media monopolies.’ GETTR allows users to post longer messages with up to 777 characters. Miller said GETTR will also allow users to post ‘clearer pictures,’ post videos that are up to three minutes long, and have the ability to edit the videos within the app. Miller told Fox News that upon signing up for GETTR, users will have the option to ‘import their existing tweets into this new platform.’ Miller also told Fox News that GETTR will have a live-streaming option, as well as an option for users to donate to political candidates. … Miller told Fox News that Trump is not funding the platform in any way. … Trump was banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat following the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.”

Fox News, July 2, 2021