Third State Enacts Universal School Choice

School choice is the only program that can have a significant impact in reducing the power of the mainstream public school system, and school choice is growing. At the same time, the government remains in ultimate control of the money in these schemes, which always spells danger at some point. The best thing Bible-believing parents can do, in our estimation, is to home school or church school and don’t take a dime from the government. God has promised to take care of those who trust Him. The following is excerpted from “Iowa latest government-school domino to fall,” Fox News, Jan. 26, 2023: “Arizona’s then-Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law the biggest school choice victory in U.S. history last year. All Arizona families can now take their children’s state-funded education dollars to the education providers of their choosing. Little did he know, Gov. Ducey ignited a school choice revolution among red states. On Monday, the Republican-controlled Iowa Legislature passed an expansive school choice proposal championed by the governor. Gov. Kim Reynolds–who is the leader of the Republican Governor’s Association and has fought for education freedom for years–signed the bill Tuesday. Much like Arizona’s policy, Iowa’s education savings account bill allows families to take their children’s state-funded K-12 education dollars –about $7,600 per student–to the education providers of their choosing. This victory makes Iowa the third state to enact a universal school choice policy. The bill passed the GOP-led Senate by a vote of 31 to 18. The House passed the bill 55 to 45. West Virginia also has its foot on the accelerator. In 2021, Republicans passed an education savings account program initially available to all families who had children who wished to switch out of public schools. Like Iowa, West Virginia’s law allows the program to automatically expand over time–with full universality achieved in just a few years. 2021 was dubbed ‘the year of school choice,’ but 2023 may give it a run for its money. Red [Republican] states are now engaging in friendly competition to empower all families with school choice this session. Ultimately, it will lead to empowering more American families with the freedom to choose the education that works best for their children.” [Utah, Texas, Nebraska, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida are moving rapidly toward universal school choice.]

(Friday Church News Notes, February 3, 2023,, 866-295-4143)