The Insect with Two Brains

Atlas Moth

“We have all looked in wonder at the amazing transformation of a caterpillar into a moth. However, did you realize that a moth needs an entirely different kind of brain than a caterpillar? We can truly say that here we have an insect with two brains! In the caterpillar stage, the moth lumbers around in a body that is primarily designed for eating. Its brain must be able to command powerful jaws and a comparatively huge digestive system as well as the complexities of caterpillar locomotion. The world of the caterpillar is very different from the world of the moth. During metamorphosis the caterpillar completely dissolves and the moth is rebuilt from the liquid. The brain, for example, requires new nerve cells and new connections between brain cells, while some brain cells change function, migrate to new locations, or even die. The result is a brain that is 10 times the size of the caterpillar’s and ready to control flight. The moth’s primary purpose in life is to reproduce. So its new brain is able to generate the odors used by moths to identify and communicate with potential mates. It is also equipped to detect the scents of a potential mate. Only our almighty Creator could completely rebuild a caterpillar into a moth. Only He could rebuild and increase its brain ten-fold in only a week or two. Even more amazing is how He remakes people. Through the forgiveness of sins, Jesus Christ turns us from people who wish to escape Him to new creatures who love Him and find joy in Him. Author: Paul A. Bartz. Ref: Miller, Julie Ann. 1983. ‘A brain for all seasons,’ Science News, v. 123, Apr. 23. p. 268.”, Aug. 5, 2021