Southern Baptist Church Appoints Homosexual Co-Pastor

On August 14, Crescent Hill Baptist Church of Louisville, Kentucky, by unanimous vote, appointed homosexual Jordan Conley as co-pastor. The other pastor is a woman. According to the church’s web site, Conley “lives with his husband, Patrick Allison, and their dog, Kenzie.” Crescent Hill Baptist was established in 1908 and was long aligned with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Called “the seminary church,” its facilities were used by the seminary and many faculty and students were members. In the 1960s, the church embarked on a path of apostasy, embracing the social gospel and psychological counseling (including Divorce Recovery Workshops). In 1966, Sunday School attendance peaked at 1,756. In 1972, the first women deacons were ordained. In 1975, the pastor of Crescent Hill led a delegation to the very liberal Baptist World Alliance in Stockholm. By the 1980s, Crescent Hill supported the ordination of female pastors. It also put on the heretical drama Godspell in which Jesus is crucified on an electric fence and there is no resurrection. In 1991, Crescent Hill joined the liberal Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. In 1996, Crescent Hill ordained a homosexual deacon. In 2014, the first “same sex marriage” was held at Crescent Baptist. Today, this once-sound Baptist church has no authoritative Bible and no saving gospel. The church’s “Timeline” begins with these words: “13.7 billion years ago the universe began whether as a ‘big bang’ or some other event. Likely there were other universes before this one, and there will be others after ours ceases with the Force or Word expressing itself continuously in a variety of ways in each of these.”

(Friday Church News Notes, August 19, 2022,,, 866-295-4143)