Snapchat a Transgender Propaganda Machine

“The number of transgender Gen Zers is about 10 times higher than that of their parents in Generation X. In a tweet Wednesday, The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh pointed out that the uptick in gender-dysphoric children is not a ‘natural or organic development.’ It is the result of popular culture and our corrupt school system ‘actively recruiting children into the LGBT ranks.’ Walsh is absolutely right, and Snapchat is the transgender lobby’s greatest ally for indoctrinating and recruiting young people. A 2020 study found Snapchat is the most popular social media among U.S. teens (TikTok is a close second). Snapchat’s content is short-lived and always disappearing, so parents have no way of keeping tabs on what their kids are seeing. It tends to fly under the radar because older conservatives give more attention to Twitter and Facebook, but because Snapchat is dominated by young people, it is arguably the most influential and dangerous app. LGBT content is very prevalent on Snapchat, and transgender content is specially common. One of the biggest promoters of transgenderism is the Snapchat series ‘My Extraordinary Family.’ The latest episode is titled ‘Twin Sisters Become Twin Brothers.’ Other episodes include, ‘Parents Won’t Gender Their Kids’ and ‘I Helped My Dad Transition Into A Woman.’ Degrading and undermining masculinity is a common theme on Snapchat. ‘Drag My Dad’ is an MTV Snapchat series featuring ‘Bob the drag queen,’ who ‘is bringing families together by taking your typical macho, goofy dad and transforming him into the ultimate drag fantasy.’ GENDER TRANSITIONING IS A GROWING MULTIBILLION-DOLLAR INDUSTRY AND THE RADICAL LEFT AND THEIR CORPORATE LOBBYISTS WANT TO CONTINUE CAPITALIZING ON IT. Just like other Big Tech giants have decided to partner with the corporate media and Democratic Party, so has Snapchat.” “For the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

“Snapchat,” Conservative Review, Feb. 27, 2021