Smartphone/Social Media Dangers: The Time in Which We Live

It is a time when:
    * the average teen spends almost 11 hours per day in consuming electronic media (TV. radio, internet, etc.)
    * 53% of children go online with no parental supervision
    * 38% of teens have received sexually suggestive content via a device
    * very young children are becoming addicted to online pornography, with their first exposure as young as 8 years old
    * 56% of children 8-11 and 69% of 12-year-olds in America have a smartphone
    * the average smartphone user touches his phone 2,600+ times every day
    * 66% admit to nomophobia ( no- mobile- phone-pho bia), the fear of not having your phone
    * 40% of smartphone users check their phones in the middle of the night
    * 52% of teens sit around in silence, staring at their smartphones when together with friends
    * 88% of American youth 18-29 use social media and 45% say they are online “on a near-constant basis”
    * there are 2.5 billion monthly Facebook users (one-third of the global population)
    * 90% of teens use Snapchat and 72% use Instagram
    * “If you walk into any middle school in the United States and stop a random 13-year-old girl and ask her how many followers she has on Instagram, she will tell the exact number as of 5 minutes ago” (Jesse Weinberge, The Boogeyman Exists, p. 138).
    * new apps like TikTok can explode in popularity from zero to half a billion users in a matter of months
    * 95% of the most watched YouTube videos are highly sexualized music videos
    * the top YouTube celebrity is a video gamer nicknamed PewDiePie with 102 million subscribers, a young man who has made about $90 million through the social currency of his YouTube channel
    * one very liberal-minded company (Google) controls 73% of all internet searches (on all devices) and 93% of smartphone searches
    * six very liberal-minded corporations own most of the news and broadcast media in America, controlling 90% of what people read, watch, and listen to.

(Friday Church News Notes, March 20, 2020,, 866-295-4143)