Preacher Speaks Out against CRT, BLM

“Pastor John Amanchukwu, a former football player for North Carolina University who is now a preacher, urged pastors to be more courageous in denouncing unbiblical ideas. He warned that America is enduring a ‘famine’ because there are too many preachers today who ‘are afraid to preach the unadulterated Word of God. We have preachers who are less of watchmen and more like wimps. And they’re preaching a steady diet of easy believism, cheap grace and lies to congregations.’’ Amanchukwu said. ‘What we need more than ever is preachers who are not afraid to stand on the Word of God.’ Amanchukwu said many pastors struggle with acknowledging that critical race theory has no place in the Church, and insisted that BLM [Black Lives Matter] has not helped the African American community. ‘They say through critical race theory that whites are inherently racist. That’s not true. What if a person gets born again? We don’t need worldly terms to help us deal with biblical racial reconciliation. We have the Word of God. And the Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves.’ CRT ‘causes you to find racism in every action and encounter that you might see in society.’ People have passed out victimization to blacks as a crown, but only fools put it on. Many wear the garland of victimization as an ornament or trophy. I am not a victim.’ Amanchukwu told those gathered that he’s ‘glad’ God made him black and warned against making someone else feel guilty because they are white. ‘But at the end of the day, we all bleed red.’ Other topics Amanchukwu discussed included the importance of voting in alignment with one’s values. For him, that includes acknowledging that abortion is ‘the shedding of innocent blood,’ opposing same-sex marriage, and declaring that ‘there are only two genders.’”

“College football player turned pastor,” Christian Post, Aug. 23, 2022