Planned Parenthood’s Black Genocide

“A burglar can’t denounce theft. A pimp can’t denounce sex trafficking. And Planned Parenthood can’t denounce violence. They killed 345,672 defenseless humans according to their own latest annual report. Abortion, which rips apart a human being, is violent. And sometimes, as in the case of Tonya Reaves, Planned Parenthood prefers to protect its own daily violence over the life of a woman. Tonya Reaves died inside a Chicago Planned Parenthood abortion biz. She bled to death for 5.5 hours because Planned Parenthood refused to call 911. Her life, and that of her unborn child, had no value to them. Abortion is violence … against the unborn and their mothers, regardless of race or ethnicity. Planned Parenthood now calls itself an ‘anti-racist organization.’ If abortion weren’t so heinous their claim would be hilarious. It would be like cigarette companies calling themselves ‘anti-cancer.’ Nope. Sorry. Doesn’t work. In New York City, where the nation’s largest chain of abortion violence is headquartered, more black babies have been aborted than born alive for decades! Planned Parenthood calls this ‘reproductive justice.’ They kill 318 black lives every single day (calculated by multiplying Planned Parenthood’s 345,672 abortions in latest report by the CDC’s 33.6% of abortions on black babies.) Fannie Lou Hamer, famed anti-poverty and voting rights activist, called abortion a ‘genocide’ among blacks. We echo her sentiments. For the nation’s largest abortion and baby-parts-trafficking chain, only some black lives matter. You can’t denounce violence and racism when you are violence and racismSo don’t be fooled by Big Abortion. They may have a billion-dollar budget, but we have the Truth. Don’t let an industry rooted in human destruction fool you into thinking it cares about violence. They are who they are: violence wrapped up in pink banners and ludicrous hashtags. There is real healthcare at over 13,000 (taxpayer-funded) federally qualified health centers and community health centers that don’t commit the violence of abortion.”

“I Don’t Stand with Planned Parenthood,” Ryan Bomberger,, Feb. 3, 2021