Permission to Say Women Get Pregnant

“The Associated Press Stylebook has updated its guidelines to let journalists know that they have permission to use phrases like ‘pregnant women’ and ‘women seeking abortions’ in their reports. ‘We now have guidance saying that pregnant women or women seeking abortions is acceptable phrasing,’ the AP Stylebook announced on Twitter. ‘Phrases like pregnant people or people seeking abortions are acceptable when you want to be inclusive of people who have those experiences but do not identify as women.’ The AP added ‘pregnant people’ to its guidelines in May, and the newly revised guidelines clarified that the historically and biologically correct term ‘woman’ or ‘women’ was still okay to use. Of course, the AP earned mockery from both sides on this update–with radical leftists angry that the AP has resumed acknowledging biological sex still exists.”

“Associated Press,” PJMedia, Aug. 20, 2022