NY Skyscraper’s Old and New America

There are two Americas today, the old and the new. We described this in the Jan. 5 report “Two Americas.” The Old America had a near universal belief in the almighty Creator God revealed in the Bible; acceptance of absolute truth based on biblical principles; emphasis on good character traits such as honesty, purity, humility, self-restraint, and benevolence; exalted concepts of human liberty (as summarized in the magnificent Bill of Rights); justice, republicanism, civic mindedness; pursuit of universal literacy; strong law and order; respect for authority; the centrality of the “nuclear family” (mother, father, children); private ownership of property; small government under the control of the people. Old America was free, prosperous, with little crime, the world leader in science and technology. The New America is built on cultural Marxism, humanism, and atheism, and the fruit is narcissism, licentiousness, destruction of the family, lawlessness, tyranny, and financial irresponsibility. The Old America and New America are reflected on New York City’s skyscrapers. In 1956, the Old America put crosses on three skyscrapers to celebrate the gospel of Jesus Christ. The 150-foot-high crosses were on City Bank, Farmers Trust, and Forty Wall Street Corp. buildings. Today, the Empire State Building is annually decked in rainbow colors to celebrate Gay Pride, and in January 2019, the One World Trade Center was lit up in pink to celebrate the passage of a New York law legalizing abortion for any reason up to birth.

(Friday Church News Notes, April 14, 2023, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143)