Norway Outlaws “Hate Speech” against LGBT

“We’re forever hearing about this supposed rise in ‘LGBTQ+ hate crimes,’ and it’s no wonder, really –given that the definition of what constitutes a ‘hate crime’ keeps being expanded. The latest example is Norway, which has just amended its penal code, first passed in 1981, to outlaw even ‘private remarks’ that the ruling class considers offensive. Reuters reports: ‘People found guilty of hate speech face a fine or up to a year in jail for private remarks, and a maximum of three years in jail for public comments, according to the penal code.’ What makes this amendment particularly gratuitous is that Norway is, as Reuters puts it, ‘one of the most liberal countries in Europe for LGBT+ people.’ The country operates on a full system of self-identification, and no medical proof is required to change one’s legal gender. LGBTQ+ ideology has been mainstreamed in every sphere of life imaginable. Still, radical gender activists will not be at rest until every private citizen repudiates biological truth and relinquishes his every doubt about their dogma.”

“Norway’s LGBTQ+ Hate Speech,” National Review, Nov. 11, 2020