“No Gestapo Here”

Pastor Artur Pawlowski orders police and public health officials on a COVID-19 check to leave the Cave of Adullam church in Calgary on Easter Saturday, April 3, 2021

“Calgary police were met with resistance when they attempted to shut down a Good Friday church service for violating COVID restrictions. Artur Pawlowski, the pastor at The Cave of Adullam, told police to leave and not return until they have a search warrant in hand. ‘You come back with a warrant,’ Pawlowski said. ‘Out! Out! Out!’ Police were hesitant to leave but the pastor wasn’t backing down. ‘Out of this property, you Nazis!’ Pawlowski shouted. ‘Gestapo is not allowed here!’ The pastor turned the camera to face him. ‘Passover, the holiest Christian festival in a year and they’re coming to intimidate Christians during the holiest festival? Unbelievable,’ Pawlowski said. ‘What is wrong with those sick psychopaths? It’s beyond me. Wow. Wow. How dare they? Unbelievable. We’re living in a total takeover of the government with their thugs, goons, the brown shirts, the Gestapo wannabe dictators,’ an incredulous Pawlowski said.

Artur Pawlowski

‘Coming to the church armed with guns and tasers and handcuffs to intimidate during Passover celebration? Well, I guess that’s what it is, they want to enslave us all like the Egyptians did. They want to be the Pharaohs of today, that’s what they’re doing. Unbelievable. People, if you don’t stand up, wake up, wow. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.’ He referenced the COVID passports that are being talked about and potentially implemented. ‘If you will not be vaccinated like a dog or a cat, you will not be able to buy or sell. You will not be able to go to school or work. Is that the future you want?’ Pawlowski asked. ‘Is that what you want for your children and your grandchildren?’ According to the pastor, the time to stand up and push back against the out-of-control government is now.”

“No Gestapo Here,” Townhall, Apr. 4, 2021