Murderer Identifies as “Infant” in Prison

It is difficult to know who is nuttier in this case, the “infant” or the British government. The following is excerpted from “Killer now identifies as an infant,” Daily Mirror, Jan. 28, 2023: “A killer who transitioned from male to female while in prison has demanded that guards hold her hand while outside her cell because she identifies as an infant. Sophie Eastwood, 36, was named Daniel when she was jailed for life in 2004 after using shoelaces as a garrote to strangle her cellmate. Eastwood, who has lived as a woman in Her Majesty’s prisons for the past four years, has been described as ‘attention-seeking’ and ‘manipulative’ by sources inside the jail. The murderer has now told chiefs at Polmont prison in Brightons, Scotland, that she identifies as a tot, and should be allowed to wear diapers and have her meals pureed like baby food. Prison bosses are taking Eastwood’s requests seriously and have already supplied her with a dummy [a pacifier], sources tell the Daily Record.”

(Friday Church News Notes, February 10, 2023,, 866-295-4143)