Most White People Have Mental Illness

“Renewal Church of Chicago recently hosted a speaker, Nathaniel McGuire, who told the audience via a Zoom meeting that the ‘majority of white people’ have a mental disorder and they ‘don’t even know it.’ That mental disorder, he says, is ‘post-traumatic slave master disorder.’ If that sounds ridiculous, it is. The church hosted the speaker at the annual Race & Mental Health Conversation which has a stated purpose of discussing ‘how race impacts mental health and how the Gospel is essential to healthy living.’ Only problem, there was no actual gospel discussed. In fact, the only thing discussed was a perversion of the gospel twisted into a social justice nightmare at the hands of unqualified church leaders. McGuire says his passion is to ‘help people heal from their past so they can enjoy their present.’ Here’s what he says he does, from his own bio. ‘I issue an invitation to go on a journey of self-discovery.’ If you want to know the real reason churches are shrinking, it isn’t because of a lack of ethnic diversity–it’s because of a lack of the Scriptures being preached.”

“Church Speaker Says,” NC Daily Gazette, Mar. 3, 2021