Medical Journal Says States Should Override Parents Who Refuse to “Transition” Children to Another Gender

“A highly respected medical journal is urging the state to override the parents’ decision when a child wants to ‘transition’ to another gender but the parents refuse to do so. The Journal of Medical Ethics published an article on December 31 titled ‘Medically assisted gender affirmation: when children and parents disagree,’ which classifies the refusal to transition a child as ‘neglect’ and that ‘Neglect, as a medico-legal term, can be used to initiate an evaluation by Child Protective Services and remove a parent as a child’s legal guardian in the most severe instances.’ The article was authored by Dr. Samuel Dubin, a plastic surgeon from the University of Michigan, along with several colleagues, and published at British Medical Journal website. Theologian Robert Gagnon, a Presbyterian pastor and professor of New Testament Theology at Houston Baptist University and former associate professor of the New Testament at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, comments on the article, stating, ‘You can believe that this is coming with the passage of the Dems’ Equality Act, which will happen if a Dem becomes President.’ We can already see this taking place in several judicial cases around the country. In 2018, a Hamilton County, Ohio, judge ruled that the parents of a 17-year-old could no longer retain custody of their child, instead, giving custody to the grandparents to make medical decisions on behalf of the teen who desired to ‘transition’ to the opposite sex. Several other cases are currently under litigation. One high-profile case, however, has not worked in favor of the radical sex-change activists as a 7-year-old boy’s mother fought in court against her ex-husband, the child’s father, who refused to transition his son into a girl at the behest of the boy’s mother. The state of Texas ruled against sole custody for the mother and that medical decisions to ‘transition’ the child could not be made without the father’s approval. It turned out that the boy did not have the desire to ‘transition’ after all—not that it should matter.”

“Medical Journal,”, Feb. 7, 2020