London Police Apologize for Wrongful Arrest

“The Metropolitan Police has apologized and admitted it ‘fell below standards’ following two wrongful arrests of a Christian evangelist at Speakers’ Corner in London. Hatun Tash, a Christian evangelist who regularly critiques Islam at Speakers’ Corner, has also received £10,000 in compensation and costs after challenging the arrests. Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Tash challenged the arrests on the grounds of wrongful arrest and unlawful imprisonment. Following the apology, Tash said, ‘l am very concerned by the approach the police has been taking at Speakers’ Corner. The police have repeatedly taken away my rights and told me that they cannot protect me because they do not want to offend a certain group of people, which has been very disturbing. I believe Jesus Christ is the good news for Muslims, the police and the world. Police need to protect my rights as l tell others this good news. My hope is that many Muslims will come to faith in Jesus. More must be done to properly deal with Islamic violence and intimidation at Speakers’ Corner. We don’t live in Pakistan; we don’t live in Saudi Arabia. I am Christian and by default I believe that Muhammad is a false prophet. I should be allowed to say that in the UK without being stabbed or repeatedly arrested. Police inaction and fear has led to mobs being encouraged to silence, threaten and to even try to kill me. It is heart-breaking that we live in a society where police do not want to arrest a Muslim for fear of being called Islamophobic. By doing this, Sharia Law is ruling Speakers’ Corner rather than the law of the UK,’ she continued. In July 2021, Tash was stabbed in front of police at Speakers’ Corner by a man in a black Islamic robe in broad daylight. No arrest has ever been made.”

“Met police apologise,” Premier Christian News, Oct. 21, 2022