Little Interest in Bible Prophecy

We received the following note recently about the situation in an independent Baptist church: “I’m using your The Future According to the Bible in my Sunday School adult class. I love studying future things because I believe it helps ground us in the present. It’s interesting, though, how few people attend that class. Christians, of all people, need to be aware of the times and understand what is coming. All too often though, they get too wrapped up in this world and the comforts of it. I wish our pastor would deal more with last days events, but that is why not many in our church see it as important. He says that’s not his ‘forte.’ Christians are not living with the imminent expectation of His return in the Rapture. I thoroughly believe that if Christians would simply take the time to discern what Scripture says about the last days/end times and learn to live with the information contained in Scripture in mind, we would be much better evangelists and not so concerned about the things happening in society that we cannot control.”

(Friday Church News Notes, December 11, 2020,,, 866-295-4143)