Light-on-Crime District Attorneys

District attorneys in many U.S. cities are undercutting law and order by treating violent criminals with kid gloves. I asked a lawyer friend, Kelly Whiting, for his take on their motive. He replied, “They’re committed to Leftist ideology which requires that the present system of ordered liberty be made unworkable. They’re the ideological descendants of the founders of the ACLU, whose express purpose was to destroy freedom by pushing the boundaries as far as possible, using the legal system against us, in the service of communists. These DAs are radicals working to destroy the present system by making it unlivable. Almost uniformly they’re funded by Soros. But they are each committed Leftists and claim criminal law is a systemically racist thing that must be destroyed, or, in their fake words, ‘reimagined.’ But their claims are dishonest. The real endgame is to make it impossible to enforce the law, which leads to the overthrow of the government because people won’t live in chaos, and then they imagine themselves leading the new Leftist tyranny that replaces the system they’ve destroyed.” I think that nails it. From a spiritual standpoint, it is a judgment of God on a wicked nation.

(Friday Church News Notes, January 28, 2022,,, 866-295-4143)