Jews in Fighter Jets

Jews in Fighter Jews: Israel Past, Present, and Future covers the past 2,500 years of the history of the most important and amazing nation on earth, the only nation directly created by God and called by God “my people,” the nation to whom “were committed the oracles of God” and “of whom, as concerning the flesh Christ came” (Romans 3:2; 9:5). The author has visited Israel multiple times, traveling from the Red Sea to Mt. Hermon, looking into nooks and crannies and places off the beaten paths. Israel is still in apostasy, but her conversion is on the horizon. When I visit Israel, I feel as if the whole place is vibrating, as it were, in the anticipation of the fulfillment of prophecy. The stage is set! Jews in Fighter Jets is divided into three major sections: I. Israel Past: 2,500 Years of Fulfilled Prophecy. II. Israel Present: The Modern State of Israel. III. Israel Future: A Prophetic ViewJews in Fighter Jets is a package consisting of a book and a series of PowerPoint presentations. It is designed to be studied privately or to be used as a training course for Sunday School, home schooling, Bible Institute, and any other setting. The 16 PowerPoint presentations are packed with more than 2,650 high quality color photos, drawings, historic recreations, and video clips. A majority were taken by the author on location in Israel and other countries and in museums. Presentations available as an eDownload from

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