Hungary Pro-Life, Pro-Family President and Constitution

“Hungary has chosen a pro-life, pro-family mother of three to become the country’s first female president. Katalin Novak, the country’s former Minister for Family Affairs, was elected by a two-thirds majority in the Hungarian Parliament, according to Hungary Today. Hungary’s pro-family policies have been painted as ‘far-right’ by both Western media and left-wing Hungarian media. In 2019, the new president told the National Catholic Register that ‘in many cases, everything is considered far right; that is to the right of a given position.’ ‘Is it far right and extremist to support families? Our main aim is to provide opportunities and to make it possible for young Hungarians to freely decide about their lives. Is this far right?’ The 2011 Hungarian Constitution protects ‘the institution of marriage as the union of a man and a woman,’ supports family systems and caring for the elderly, and recognizes life from conception. Novak told The Daily Caller that Hungary has introduced pro-family concepts into the national curriculum in schools. Hungary also focuses on training teachers, Novak said, because ‘no matter what you put in the textbooks, if the teachers do not share the same mindset’ teaching pro-family concepts will fail. Novak also laughed off the idea that someone who wishes to save the planet must abstain from having children, calling such a sentiment ‘crazy’ and noting that such ideas were not common in Hungary. ‘We just say that it’s stupid,’ she said, adding, ‘That is an advantage of our politics, we speak frankly, we are outspoken. We use simple language that everyone understands. If you don’t have children, for whom do you preserve the planet for?’ she asked.”

“Pro-Life, Pro-Family,” The Daily Wire, Mar. 10, 2022