Psalm 20:7

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.”

There are few more majestic sights than a horse, galloping across the countryside with an expert rider on its back. A good rider knows his or her horse well and accommodates to their whims, while also maintaining control. Horses are so important to the history of humankind that evolutionists have been particularly interested in the alleged evolution of the horse. At first sight, it seems as if they have some facts going for them because they would look at modern horses and show that they have developed over time by selective breeding. Then they will look at other similar animals, such as the wild Przewalski’s horse, as well as donkeys, ponies, and zebras. Evolutionists would maintain that all of these have a common ancestor. And they would be right! They are all part of the horse family – equidae.

Evolutionists cannot leave well alone, though, it would seem. Insisting that horses are closely related to tapirs, they have found fossils of alleged ancestors of both horses and tapirs. I recall looking closely at reproductions of hyracotherium (which evolutionists like to call eohippus, or “dawn-horse”) in the Smithsonian in DC. The hyracotherium had been placed in a display with modern horses and tapirs. At immediate glance, the hyracotherium appeared very similar to a tapir and not at all similar to a horse.

Evolutionists will sometimes see what they want to see. But God made animals according to their kind, and they do not evolve into other kinds.