Governor Signs “Day of Prayer” Proclamation

“Tennessee’s governor has signed a proclamation declaring Friday, September 30, a ‘day of prayer, humility, and fasting.’ He added that the state needs ‘God’s guidance’ for the future. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican who is in his first term, signed the proclamation last Friday and posted a picture of the document on his social media account, tweeting that he and his wife Maria ‘invite Tennesseans to join us in this tradition to thank God for his many blessings, seek His wisdom in all circumstances, and ask for His continued grace & favor in the days ahead.’ Following is the full text of the proclamation: ‘WHEREAS, we acknowledge God’s sovereignty and the need for God’s grace over our state and our nation; and WHEREAS, we walk humbly together with God in hope so that we may act with justice, kindness and love, no matter the circumstance; and WHEREAS, we seek forgiveness for our many transgressions so that our hearts and our minds may be renewed; and WHEREAS, Scripture tells us that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord, and the Lord gives wisdom freely to those who ask for it; and WHEREAS, the people of Tennessee acknowledge our rich blessings, our deep transgressions, the complex challenges ahead, and the need to pause, to humble ourselves and to seek God’s guidance for the days ahead; NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bill Lee, Governor of the State of Tennessee, do hereby proclaim September 30, 2022, as a voluntary Day of Prayer, Humility, and Fasting.’”

Christian Headlines, Sept. 26, 2022