Federal Court Rules for Kansas Teacher

Fort Riley Middle School, Kansas

“A federal court ruled this week that a Kansas teacher is able to communicate honestly with parents of her transgender students using their preferred name, when different than their given name, in line with her Christian beliefs. School policy currently mandates teachers use preferred names and pronouns of students, and hide that information from parents unless the student consents. Fort Riley, Kansas, middle school teacher Pamela Ricard last year was reprimanded and suspended from school for ‘declining to use a name for a student that was inconsistent with the student’s biological sex.’ After being reprimanded, Ricard sued the school, alleging that the policies violated her rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.  The court ruled this week that the school could not punish Ricard for communicating with parents using the preferred name of students, even if that name was different than the student’s legal name. Langhofer said they are working to get the school to adopt a new policy which would ‘respect the rights of students, parents and teachers.’”

“Federal Court Rules,” Fox News, May 13, 2022